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cats and work is all i do.

It's Gabby's birthday! She's double-digits today which...makes me feel a little ill. But she's always been healthy, so I'm gonna look forward to another ten years with her. I'm fixing corn for her tonight.

Bo, one of the outside kittens, has disappeared. It happened within the span of a couple of hours when no one was home. Mom and I both kept hoping he'd show up last night, but he never did. Miss Tash and little Sam and Dean have started coming in and out. Starfish actually LICKED HER HEAD. This is major and proves that she hates Ace and Jack just because they're boys, it's just that simple. It is kind of funny that the first thing Sam does when he comes inside is run to the litter box.

Today is the last of my long days this week. And I forgot to bring anything to drink so now I have to chase down an errand boy.


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Jun. 18th, 2010 05:23 pm (UTC)
errand boy

*hurled through your window by Trevor and told to make himself useful*
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