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My day has been bizarre.

It started going downhill when my mom calls me about a letter that she got in the mail. The letter says that her car was identified in a hit and run earlier this week -- in a town 75 miles away that she hasn't been to in the past year, much less the past week. She called the number but only got the voicemail of the man in charge of the hit-and-run division of their police department. The guy that she did talk to her on the phone said that a tag number must've been written down incorrectly, that it happened all the time and not to worry about it. He doesn't know my mother. She's a worrier, and she was already a nervous wreck by the time I talked to her, which it turn just sent my anger through the roof at the idiot who caused all this in the first place.

So I call the number, trying to talk to someone, anyone. And I get transferred four times until I get that same guy's voicemail. So I leave him a long rambly message too about how I live with my mom and on the day of the accident, I know for a fact that the car was in the driveway all day long and it was physically impossible for it to have been involved in a hit and run in another county.

So then the storm hits. The sky is black, trees are coming down, we lose our power at work. I would've paid more attention to it if I hadn't been worried about my mom having a heart attack over the words "issue a warrant for your arrest".

But finally the guy called her back, told her everything was fine, this kind of thing does happen all the time, and that it was ended as of today.

Power was still out, which means that even our phones didn't work. No lights or air conditioning either. So I passed the rest of my day there sitting in a chair, looking out the window.

But even then, I didn't see the bear crap until after I was locking the door...


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Aug. 6th, 2010 02:56 am (UTC)

i miss them. they were so dysfunctional.
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